Setting up your social media accounts in SMS Surveys is quick and easy. Configuring your social media accounts allows customers to leave you positive social media reviews if they had a great shopping experience. Here's how to do it:

In your Admin dashboard, click on Edit Social Media in the Social Media section:

This will automatically open a drop down menu with the available social media accounts. The most applicable ones for your Shopify store will likely be Facebook and Twitter. Provided that you have active Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business, you can set these up by entering your URLs in the field for each. Please don't forget to enter the extension for your particular business (in the example below, that's Servmetrics):

Click the Save button for each social media account to save your settings. You can edit or remove the accounts at anytime by using the Edit and Remove buttons. Click on Done to collapse the social media accounts:

After clicking Done, you'll see the social media accounts that you've activated and that the toggle buttons are in the 'On' position. 

Customers who respond to the SMS Survey indicating they had a positive experience will now be directed to your social media sites in the event they want to leave a positive review.

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