Once you have created your account, you can follow the instructions below to send your first Campaign Survey*. If you have not yet created a free trial account, you can create one here. For instructions on how to setup Servmetrics for Campaign Surveys, click here

First, click on the Campaigns tab. 

You now have two options, you can manually enter the name and phone numbers of the customers you would like to send surveys to, or you can upload them in a CSV file (comma separated values file).

To enter the information manually, just enter the name and phone number, and click Add to List. 

Repeat this process for every customer that you would like to send a survey to. When you have completed your list, select the business location that you would like to send the survey for (if you only have one location then select that) and click Send Surveys. 

Your SMS surveys will be sent to your customers within a few minutes. When customers have completed your surveys you will see their responses populate in the Overview and Experience tabs. 

To send a survey to a large number of customers, you can use the Upload CSV feature. Simply download our Example CSV, as shown below. 

Then enter your customer information and save the file. You can then upload the file back into Servmetrics using the Upload CSV button. 

When you're ready, click Send Surveys. Within a few minutes, your surveys will be sent to your customers. 

Thanks for using Servmetrics! If you have any questions please email us at support@servmetrics.com. 

* Please note that surveys can only be sent to individuals who have voluntarily given you their cell phone numbers and have done business with you in the past 30 days. Any violation of this would constitute a violation of the Servmetrics Terms of Use, and you and your organisation could be subject to legal ramifications in the country in which you operate.

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