Average time required to get a Servmetrics account setup: 5 - 10 minutes. 

If you are an existing Kounta customer and would like to try out Servmetrics, start by registering for your free Servmetrics trial account here: app.servmetrics.com/register

If you are not currently a Kounta customer, but would like to try it out, then follow this link and signup for your free Kounta trial account.

Once you have filled in the registration form and clicked Sign Up, you will automatically be logged into the Servmetrics dashboard.

Servmetrics works by automatically pulling your customer and order information directly from your Kounta account, so before you can get started you will need to connect your account by clicking Connect My Account:

Then select Kounta from the list of available POS systems:

You will now need to authorize Servmetrics to access your Kounta account, by clicking Grant Access:

Your Servmetrics and Kounta accounts are now connected! Now it's time to customize your Servmetrics account. 

Start by uploading your logo (this is the logo that your customers will see when they take your survey). Click Edit Company Logo and then upload a logo file:

Once you've uploaded your logo you will see an example of what it will look like to your customers. Now it's time to link your social media accounts. 

When one of your customers completes a survey that is positive, we will encourage them to tell the world about it by sharing their positive experience on their favourite social media platform or online review site. We recommend adding as many social media links as you can so that your customers have lots of choices. 

Once you've entered the URL's to all of your social media and online review pages, click Done:

Now you can activate or de-activate each link by clicking the toggle button, and only active links will be shown to your satisfied customers. *Note that if you have a disatisfied customer, they will not be shown the links to your social media accounts, instead they will be offered an opportunity to be contacted by you to correct their negative experience.

Now it's time to enter your staff contact information. Click on Edit Staff Contacts to add the name and cell phone numbers of your team members (either yours or your employees) who you would like to be notified in the event of a negative dining experience. 

This is a powerful part of the Servmetrics platform: it lets you and your team contact customers in real-time to correct negative dining experiences to ensure they keep ordering from you in the future. 

Once you've entered the name and phone number, click Add Contact:

You can then quickly change which of your team members will receive notifications by using the on/off toggle next to their name:

You're almost done! Now you can take a moment to see a preview of what your survey will look like to your customers, and also what your internal staff notifications will look like. Simply scroll down to the Live Example section of the page:

If you move your cursor over the screen of either phone image, you can scroll through and interact with both the Client Survey and the Staff Notification. What you see is exactly what your customers and team members will see. 

If you want to reset the screens back to their initial state, simply click Refresh:

If you're happy with everything you see and you want to go live, just scroll to the Restaurant Locations section and click the location toggle button. If you have multiple restaurant locations associated with your Kounta POS account, each location will automatically be added to this list. 

You're now live! 

Servmetrics will automatically send customers a SMS message with a link to to your customized survey after they have received their meal. 

If they fill in the survey with positive feedback they'll be encouraged to leave you a positive online review or social media shout-out. 

If they fill in the survey with negative feedback we'll immediately send a SMS message to your staff contact to let them know, so they can respond in real-time. 

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