Here are the step-by-step instructions for launching SMS Surveys by Servmetrics for your Shopify store. You can also view a walk-thru video here.

Please go to our registration page and fill out all of the fields with your information and click Sign Up:

On the following page, click Connect My Account:

Then click on the Shopify logo:

If you're logged in to your Shopify store, you'll be directed to this page. 

You'll note there's a message stating that the app is "unpublished and unsupported". SMS Surveys is currently in a 2-month private beta, after which this message will disappear.  

Click on the Get button to add SMS Surveys to your Shopify account:

Under Settings > Checkout in your Shopify store, please ensure that you have selected customer phone numbers as Required. SMS Surveys can only survey your customers if you require their phone numbers. Please note that SMS Surveys only sends messages to cell phone numbers, not landlines.

In this screen, please click Install App:

You will be redirected to your SMS Surveys Admin dashboard where you can see that your account has been successfully connected. Your Admin dashboard is where you can customize your account:

You can change what company name your customers will see by clicking on Edit Company Name. Clicking on Edit Company Logo will allow you to upload a logo file that will be displayed on your SMS Surveys:

By clicking on Edit Social Media, you can add your social media accounts:

If you have Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business, you will want to enter both of those and click Save. Now happy customers can be directed to your social media accounts when they want to leave a positive review or give you a shout-out:

Next, you can click on Edit Staff Contacts to add the names and numbers for the people you want notified in the event that there's an unhappy customer. Anyone listed as a Staff Contact will automatically receive an SMS message when a customer indicates that they are unhappy through a survey response.

The Survey Delay allows you to customize when your customers will receive the SMS survey. We recommend setting the delay to "0m" to ensure that the SMS survey is sent out immediately after the customer has completed their purchase. To change the survey delay to "0m", please click Edit Survey Delay, drag the timeline to "0m", and click Save:

In the Live Example, you can send test SMS surveys to yourself or someone else by entering their name and phone number and then clicking Send Test. You can also see what your survey will look like to your customers and what the staff notification will look like by scrolling through the two phone panels:

The final step is to make sure your locations are set to On. Simply click on the toggle switch to move it to On:

And that's it! You're ready to start using SMS Surveys. 

Your customers will now automatically receive an SMS Survey each time an order is placed, and your staff will be notified if you have any unhappy customers. 

Be sure to check out your Overview and Experiences tabs to track your customer satisfaction over time. 

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